What Should I Do?
Immediately After An Assault
  • Go to a Safe Place  - This can be the home of a trusted friend or family member, a shelter in necessary, or any place where you are not alone and can seek help. 
  • Reach Out for Help - Once you are safe from further attack it is important to seek help.  Call someone that would be willing to support you through the coming days.  Volunteers from SARA are available to help you immediately. 
  • Get Immediate Medical Care - You do not have to make a police report to receive medical care.  It is critically important to seek immediate medical care.  You may not be aware of all the injuries you have received.  Also it is important to be tested and treated for sexually transmitted diseases.  Volunteers with SARA are willing and able to help you during a visit to the hospital. 
    • It is important to NOT shower, douche, brush your teeth, or change your clothes before you seek medical attention. This may be hard to do, but it is very important. Doing any of these things could destroy medical evidence.