April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month!! This display was in the Carson City Library, it is shown documentary style of what a sexual assault victim will go through.

SARA display  

Mission Statement: The SARA team will provide comfort, support & education to victims of Sexual Assault, their families and the community.

SARA History

One evening in 1996, a nurse came into the examination room at Carson Tahoe Hospital and asked the  volunteer who was sitting with a victim of domestic violence if she would meet with a victim of sexual assault in the next room.  The young woman had been raped and was on her own and in need of support.  At the time, there was not a sexual assault program in Carson City.  The Crisis Call Center in Reno was providing aid to victims in Carson City, but that often meant that victims were without support for several hours until a volunteer could travel to Carson City.

From that first request, came many more, until Advocates partnered with the Crisis Call Center and developed the Sexual Assault Response Advocates, or S.A.R.A., program in 1997 to meet the need of Carson City residents.  The S.A.R.A. program was built by the first Coordinator, Kerrie Solmaassa, in a response to victims who needed support and advocacy as they traveled through the medical and legal systems toward the justice they deserved.

Kerrie worked tirelessly, to secure funding, training, establish procedures, protocols, and develop a program that was responsive to victims needs.  What began as a part-time program within Advocates crisis intervention services has grown into a full-time program with separate volunteers and its own identity and resources.